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Official publication of the paperback of Why We Run

For the first year of my son’s life I hardly ran at all. Amid the chaos of the early months of fatherhood, the furthest I ran was the double London Marathon from Big Ben to the start and back, and … Continue reading

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The last few weeks have seen a strange recalibration of my nocturnal clock as Mrs H and I are up twice, sometimes three times, a night feeding the boy or scratching our heads when he screams inexplicably. Watching the rerun … Continue reading

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Leni Riefenstahl and the art of running

Last week I went to our local gym to find out what age children have to be to qualify for the ‘under-five swim’. ‘Well, er, under five’, was the straight-forward reply. On further enquiry it sounds like the boy has to be … Continue reading

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A new parent’s greatest fear

Being on paternity leave has meant little time for the usual lunchtime run, so there is some pleasure to be had at being back at work and heading out for half an hour at lunchtime to wake myself up after … Continue reading

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Back to work

After 10 days alone with my wife and new-born son it is time to return to work. I was expecting to feel a pang of angst and sadness, but I did not expect jealousy. I felt it one afternoon on … Continue reading

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Running in the family

There is neurological evidence that the first reaction a father has on seeing his new-born child is to look for signs that the baby is in fact his. The reflex is so instinctive and hard-wired that we don’t even know … Continue reading

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Halfway home

Looking for distractions to while away the time before the due date, we drove to Henley on Sunday for lunch. It was the first time that Mrs H had been back there since she had waited on tables up the … Continue reading

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Mrs H goes on materni-tea leave

Mrs H is now enjoying her first few days of maternity leave, having signed off on Thursday with the largest cake stand I have ever seen. She is now busy nesting at home, moving between the Swiss ball, the laptop … Continue reading

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