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Official publication of the paperback of Why We Run

For the first year of my son’s life I hardly ran at all. Amid the chaos of the early months of fatherhood, the furthest I ran was the double London Marathon from Big Ben to the start and back, and … Continue reading

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Michel Houellebecq: The Map and the Territory

Having not worn a suit since the boy’s christening in May I did not seem to spend a moment out of it this week on a trip to Frankfurt. During the course of the three days there I spent a … Continue reading

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Meeting the Master

Every runner’s story starts somewhere. A New Year’s Resolution. A bet taken too far, or in Dean Karnazes’s case – ‘bad tequila’. The first time I ever heard of ultra-distance running as something more than an underground cult was in … Continue reading

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Back to basics

I wrote my last post from the sedate riverside suburb of Westchester in Up-state New York as the rain poured down as I counted down the days to getting home and seeing the boy and Mrs H. The final event I was … Continue reading

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Joining the club

Last week I went for my first ever club run, as member 11119 of the Serpentine Running Club. I am only slightly surprised to find myself writing this, since about a million years ago I told myself I would never … Continue reading

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Double London Marathon – Job done

For those of you who didn’t notice, yesterday was the Virgin London Marathon, which meant that there was over 37,000 people tramping through the city, and even more standing at the barricades cheering the runners along. What a day! The … Continue reading

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