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Bury My Heart on a Norfolk Beach

I had imagined plenty of endings to the Norfolk Ultra a couple of weeks ago, but standing on a roadside puking my guts out in front of a guy who had rowed across both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean was not … Continue reading

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January pains

Ah, pain. I missed you. It’s a subject close to the heart of every ultra-distance running. Like the Eskimos and their 180 different words for snow, runners categorise pain in multiple ways, and are familiar with all of them. Last … Continue reading

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Days and Nights in SW11

I’ve never understood the point of orienteering. All those bits of paper and the funny stamp with different spikes attached to a tree truck. As for actually reading the maps, even if the sun was out telling East from West … Continue reading

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First steps to the Spartathlon

The first of the month seems like as good a date as any to start a new training regime, but the first of October this year was packed with neat coincides. In the blazing heat, well 27 degrees but everyone … Continue reading

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Going Dutch

Last week I found out that the Dutch edition of Why We Run is going to be published in September. This is exciting for lots of reasons, and Amsterdam has a special place in my heart since it was here … Continue reading

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Dulce et Aurum est

In four weeks time I will be leaving 4th Estate publishers, where I have been for 10 years, to join the independent publisher Aurum Press to commission, amongst other things, sports books. Without wanting to over-egg the excitment, this will be … Continue reading

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It’s The Final Countdown

With just over three weeks until the London Marathon there’s not much more running you can do that will make any difference. If you’ve stuck to your schedule since Christmas you’ve got the miles in the bank and, except for … Continue reading

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Marathon Boy

The boy reached seven months last week, and along with his first tooth appearing, so has emerged what looks like the will to really get moving. And of course, what ever parent wants is for their child to turn into … Continue reading

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Running blind-folded

There are three months until the London Marathon. So far I have been able to get out almost every day since early December, and the mileage has slowly being growing from six to nine, twelve and now fifteen miles at … Continue reading

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iPhone, Apps and the birth of modern running

The birth of the modern running era can be directly traced to the day, in 1970, that Bill Bowerman poured liquid urethane into a clothes iron while experimenting on creating a new sole for his trainers. So was born the Nike … Continue reading

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