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iPhone, Apps and the birth of modern running

The birth of the modern running era can be directly traced to the day, in 1970, that Bill Bowerman poured liquid urethane into a clothes iron while experimenting on creating a new sole for his trainers. So was born the Nike … Continue reading

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The last few weeks have seen a strange recalibration of my nocturnal clock as Mrs H and I are up twice, sometimes three times, a night feeding the boy or scratching our heads when he screams inexplicably. Watching the rerun … Continue reading

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Running in the family

There is neurological evidence that the first reaction a father has on seeing his new-born child is to look for signs that the baby is in fact his. The reflex is so instinctive and hard-wired that we don’t even know … Continue reading

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The woman in the red cardigan

I mentioned in a recent post that I had taken to bringing my iPhone with me on my runs in case Mrs H were to call with news that proceedings had begun. When I told a friend about this, she … Continue reading

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Did you ever watch Mike Tyson dance?

Inside my local betting shop is a huge photograph of Mike Tyson in the boxing ring circa 1986, the year he became the youngest Heavyweight Champion of the World, at just 20. The photograph captures the moment of impact between … Continue reading

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Walking into the unknown

When I started to write Why We Run, Richard Askwith’s Feet in the Clouds was the only book on long distance running available in the UK. To learn how to run for a very long time required heading out of … Continue reading

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First steps

Writing and running are solitary experiences, and as such have much in common. For twelve months from the summer of 2008 I hid away running up to 120 miles a week in preparation for the Spartathlon, the world’s toughest endurance … Continue reading

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