Marathon Boy

The boy reached seven months last week, and along with his first tooth appearing, so has emerged what looks like the will to really get moving. And of course, what ever parent wants is for their child to turn into Der Wanderer as soon as possible.

Der Wanderer: The Early Years

Although he’s still firmly secured on all fours, after much discussion with Mrs H a Baby Walker was delivered for him this morning. The idea is that with a combination of feet and wheels he’ll learn what life on two feet is like.

The logical conclusion to this theory is that he’ll be walking sooner rather than later, but it comes with a warning. Marathon Boy aired on BBC 4 on Wednesday night, and told the story of Budhia Singh, the child feted in India for his marathon (literally) feats of endurance. Born in the slums of Bhubaneswar, he had run his sixth half marathon by the age of three, under the guidance of his adoptive father and coach Biranchi Das.

It makes for sobering viewing, and quickly descends into a documentary on issues far beyond the realm of dreams of the Olympics. It is essential viewing for all runners and non-runners alike, and the full documentary is here.


About Robin Harvie

I have been running marathons for ten years. But when I couldn't around faster than 3 hours 12 minutes, I decided to see how far I could run before I keeled over. Turns out pretty far. In September 2009 I took on the Spartathlon - 152 miles from Athens to Sparta. Non stop. Why We Run is about that journey and about why we run at all.
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