New Year new, er…

First the excuses. The end of last year got swamped in a deluge of new job and striping 70 years of paint off a rather rickety bannister while trying to keep the boy at bay. Somewhere in between a few miles were knocked off and, rather heroically, an extra 1.5kg added to the luggage to carry up the Bucks for the Country to Capital next Saturday. I’ve weighed 85kg and more before, but never a week before going on a 45-mile run.  I look only mildly  less ridiculous than this lot on a Christmas marathon.

This year it all starts over again. First it’s off to Hull in February for a TEDx talk entitled ‘Beyond Limits’. I have been back over the excellent biography of Mallory that I blogged about in the autumn for some tips. (I realised that I had gone on about this book too much when I found a copy address to me under the Christmas tree). And then the paperback of Why We Run comes out in March, launched at the Ways with Words festival in Cumbria. (One leg of the Bob Graham can be snuck in here, surely).

Meanwhile it is back to the lentil diet, courtesy of the marvellous Rose Prince, and early nights. Yesterday was my first club run of the year with the Serpies with a howling gale driving rain horizontally across the remains of Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park Corner. I had expected there to be only a few of us, but of course I was wrong. And there, tucked in the middle of the pack, in little more than a T-shirt was James who heads back to the US in March to take on the ridiculous Barkley 100 run. Thoughts had already started to turn to carbo-loading for next Saturday’s run and taking it easy over the weekend. He’s off to run another marathon this weekend, and then some.

About Robin Harvie

I have been running marathons for ten years. But when I couldn't around faster than 3 hours 12 minutes, I decided to see how far I could run before I keeled over. Turns out pretty far. In September 2009 I took on the Spartathlon - 152 miles from Athens to Sparta. Non stop. Why We Run is about that journey and about why we run at all.
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2 Responses to New Year new, er…

  1. Russell says:

    Happy new year Robin. Any chance you could expand upon the lentil diet somewhat?

    • Robin Harvie says:

      Happy new year. It’s a pretty basic mix, but works for me. Lentils, fried with carrots, celery, spring onions, garlic and bacon. The trick to making it taste like a wholesome meal is the stock. I’m using leftover Christmas lunch to make the stock with. Then just let the whole thing boil for 20 mins until it soft. At its most extreme I have eaten this every lunch (after a run, on its own) and then in the evening with steak or fish. It was the only diet I tried that still gave me the energy to run every day since all the others just left me famished and exhausted!

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